15 Henway Jokes and Other Pun Traps

Henways, also known as pun traps, are jokes that involve the use of non-existent words. They’re interactive, and require the receiver to say “What is so-and-so?”, in order for the joke to work.

They’re a goofy, lighthearted joke that can work on anyone, and are guaranteed to get a chuckle out of most. Here’s a list of my favorite go-to henway jokes.



1. Person One: A couple of days ago I was carrying groceries in, and had a tough time juggling the eggs, bread, and the henway.

Person Two: What’s a henway?

Person One: Roughly three pounds.

2. Person One: Oh my god, there’s a henway on your back!

Person Two: What’s a henway?

Person One: Four or five pounds.

3. Person One: Dude, there’s a huge henway sale at the store today!

Person Two: What’s on sale?

Person One: A henway.

Person Two: What’s a henway?

Person One: About four and a half pounds.

4. Person One: Ugh, it smells like updog in here.

Person Two: What’s updog?

Person One: Nothing much, what are you up to?


5. Person One: What’s the difference between a matador and a materlove?

Person Two: What’s a materlove?

Person One: Nothing, thanks for asking though!

6. Person One: Man, I’m craving a beesay.

Person Two: What’s a beesay? 

Person One: Buz buz.

7. Person One: I just got back from the doctor. They said I’ve got snew in my blood.

Person Two: What’s snew?

Person One: Nothing much, what’s new with you?

8. Person One: Doofusaywat?

Person Two: What?

Person One: You doofus.

9. Person One: This morning I saw a duckdo.

Person Two: What’s a duckdo?

Person One: Waddles and yells “Quack Quack!”

10. Person One: Can you grab me a hammerfor?

Person Two: What’s a hammerfor?

Person One: For banging nails, you dummy.

11. Person One: Hey, have you seen my dopted anywhere? 

Person Two: What’s a dopted?

Person One: You, silly!

12. Person One: Man, that tunado reeks.

Person Two: What’s a tunado?

Person One: Swims about, snacking on sardines.

13. Person One: Did you hear about grassay?

Person Two: What’s grassay?

Person One: Photosynthesis, photosynthesis.

14. Person One: Have you seen the stuff at acarsay?

Person Two: What’s acarsay?

Person One: Vroom, vroom.

15. Person One: I love teado.

Person Two: What’s teado?

Person One: Boosts antioxidant levels and helps protect against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.


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