19 Funniest Spelunking Jokes

A spelunker is someone who explores caves as a hobby. It’s a fun, albeit potentially dangerous pastime, that many people around the world enjoy.

Here’s a list of some of the best spelunking, cave, and rock jokes and puns. Some will make you cringe, and others will make you chuckle.

1. I really didn’t want to take my son spelunking. But I eventually caved.

2. Cave formations are like ants in the pants: the mites go up and the tights come down.

3. How many spelunkers does it take to change a light bulb…?

Two. One named Pete to point a lamp in the opposite direction, leaving the other to change it in the pitch dark, drop the bulb, swear, and spend the next hour feeling his way out of the cave.

4. Make a wish! It stalagmite come true!

5. Two bats are sitting in a cave…

…one looks at the other and says, “I’m hungry. Think I’ll go get some blood.” So he flew out of the cave.

About an hour later he returns with his face covered in blood. His buddy looks at him and says, “Wow! How did you get all that blood?”

“Well…” he replies, “you know when you’re flying out of the cave, you hang a right and then see that tree in front of you…”

“Yeah?” says his buddy.

He replies, “Well… I didn’t.”

6. Hipster: “Oh you didn’t know about spelunking?”

“It’s pretty underground.”

7. Spelunking Salesman: *slaps cave*

“This bad boy can trap so many children in it.”

8. The underground WWII POW camp had a parasitic infestation problem. Stalag mites.

9. I really didn’t want to go spelunking, but my husband underground me down.

10. Why don’t birds live in caves?

It would be too much of a bird den.

11. Thomas thought he could squeeze through that cleft, but it seems he helmet his match.

12. I was excited to rappel down this cave shaft, but it’s been a hole let down.

13. Spelunkers know how to make the bedrock.

14. I hope this won’t be a 3 day spelunking trip. I wanted to stay for aeolianite.

15. When stalactites and stalagmites meet, they form a column..

So that’s what we’ll call ’em!

16. Don’t take me for granite, I’m actually pretty gneiss.

17. Q: What’s the funniest thing the rock said to the geologist?

A: Nothing, because rocks don’t talk and geology’s not funny.

18. Two men spelunking find a bat in a cave…

Then decide to go back and play baseball.

19. Two cavemen were chiseling on slabs of rock in a cave. Suddenly one of the cavemen shouted, “I’ve done it! I’ve discovered zero!”

The other caveman asked, “What is it?”

The first caveman replied, “Oh, nothing.”


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