35 Funniest Mycology Jokes Including All Things Fungi

A mycologist is someone who studies mycology, or the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi. It’s a fun career choice that is pursued by thousands of people around the world.

Here’s a list of some of the best mycology, fungi, and mushroom jokes and puns. Some will make you cringe, and others will make you chuckle.


1. Mycologists are the most virtuous scientists. They’re all obsessed with morels!

2. I had this long fungi joke, but I don’t have enough shroom to type it.

3. Why does Mario prefer to hang out with Toad more than Luigi?
Because he’s a fungi.

4. I’d like to try putting mushrooms in cola, if you get my-cola-gist.

5. What’s an airplanes favorite mushroom?

6. Whilst traveling in Europe, I saw a group of men dressed as mushrooms performing Queen covers. I told them they were talented, and asked what their band was called. They replied ‘We are the Champignons, my friend.’

7. What do you call a fungi that makes music?
A decomposer.

8. What would a mushroom car say?
Shroom shroom!

9. What did the mushroom get arrested for?

10. What’s the difference between stormtroopers having a party and mushrooms being picked? One’s bad guys having a fun time, the other’s fungi having a bad time.

11. What is a mushrooms favorite thing to bring camping?

12. What did the mushroom say when he needed a little more time?
Amanita minute.

13. Why is it not worth it to hunt for mushrooms?
It’s too much truffle.

14. What does a mushroom clean its house with?
A mushbroom.

15. What do you call a picture of a mushroom with no arms, legs or head?
A stalk photo.

16. Why do Toadstools grow so close together?
They don’t need Mushroom.

17. I didn’t like mushrooms at first, but now they’re growing on me.

18. I started growing fungi in my garden, but failed miserably.
I guess there is mushroom for improvement.

19. When mushrooms come together what do they make?
A mush house.

20. Our local woods are full of mushrooms right now.
I’m always tripping on them.

21. All mushrooms are edible, but some mushrooms are only edible once.

22. What room has no doors, walls, or floor?
A mushroom.

23. I went to the mycologists convention, but there was too much shiitake.

24. What did the mycologist tell the problem solving mushroom? Put on your thinking cap!

25. Which vegetables goes best with jacket potatoes?
Button Mushrooms.

26. How do you kill an angel?
With an amanita virosa.

27. Why did the mushroom hate going to school?
Because it was always so sporing.

28. What did the mushroom tell the mycologist?
Nothing, because mushrooms can’t speak.

29. What’s the difference between a mushroom and a tree?
One’s a tree.

30. What room can be eaten?
A mushroom!

31. Where do mushrooms come from?
Mushy rooms.

32. How can Psathyrella aquatica survive underwater?
They’ve got gills!

33. Why was the mushroom the life of the party?
Because he was giving out free drinks.

34. What did the Eukaryote become when he realized he wasn’t a fungi, plant, or animal?
A Protist-er.

35. How do you tell poisonous mushrooms apart from the edible ones?
You give them to someone else to eat first.


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