31 Best Gifts for Fungi Lovers, Mushroom Hunters & Mycologists

The more I learn, the more I appreciate fungi. From bread, wine, cheese, medicine (thank you, penicillin), natural pesticides and fertilizers, decontamination, decomposition, and the codependence of every organism on the planet, fungi is an indispensable part of our entire world. 

And I feel like that sentiment is becoming increasingly shared. More and more people every day become interested in fungi and mycology, some of them even deciding to pursue a lifelong career or hobby in it. Getting a gift for these people can be difficult if you’re not well-versed in mycology yourself, so to remedy this, I’ve put together a list of some of the best gifts you can get for fungi enthusiasts. Hopefully, it’ll make your search a little easier.


Out of all the gift categories I’ve put together, this one is the most practical. If you’re looking for a sensible gift that will be well used and appreciated, this is the category for you.

1. Rain Poncho

You can find fungi all over the world, in every single climate and environment, but the ones that mushroom foragers hunt are often located in moist, forested areas. This means that rain is not uncommon, and if anything, is to be expected. This can be problematic without the right gear or apparel.

While a raincoat does a good job of keeping your torso dry, it won’t protect your legs or your bag. I recommend getting a poncho. They’re big enough to cover your bag and often reach mid thigh. They’re also super lightweight and comfortable.

2. Waterproof Footwear

Sandals and tennis shoes might fly in certain climates at certain times of the year, but if your giftee lives in a wet area, foraging for mushrooms in Mucks are the gold standard.

Mucks are waterproof footwear made for gardening and foraging. They come in a multitude of styles and are made of neoprene. This makes them flexible, waterproof, shock absorbing, and temperature regulating. They’re the perfect shoe for mushroom hunting.

3. Foraging Bag

You’ve gotta have somewhere to put the mushrooms you’ve foraged. Baskets are a popular choice for some, but they’re not travel friendly, and are bulky and awkward to carry around. I prefer canvas bags – they’re much more flexible, packable, and come in collapsible varieties. (like this one)

4. Foraging Knife

For beginner and experienced mushroom foragers alike, a new knife is a splendid gift. A mushroom hunting knife should be small, compact, and lightweight. You don’t need the knife to defend yourself, and you’re not hunting a deer – you’re hunting mushrooms.

Get a knife like this. It’s foldable, comes with a built-in brush, and is made of sturdy material.

5. Dehydrator

A good dehydrator is essential for any mushroom forager. Depending on how many you find during your hunt, you might have too many to eat, and dehydration is the golden preservation method.

This one is made of food-grade stainless steel and has a built-in timer and overheat protection.

6. Grow Kit

Grow kits are a fun and rewarding experience that gives people the opportunity to learn how to grow and keep mushrooms alive. They come with everything a person needs to start their own garden and come in a wide variety of types. Some popular versions include shiitake and oyster mushrooms.

7. Spores

Similar to grow kits, but more hardcore. It takes more effort to grow fungi from spores than it does from grow kits, but that’s why many people prefer them. It’s more challenging and rewarding in the end.

If the person you’re buying a gift for is willing to put in some work, get them spores of their favorite type of fungi. This liquid culture comes in 30 different varieties and has a high success rate + stellar reviews.

8. Microscope

This one’s less for mycologists (they’ll already have one), and more for fungi and mycology enthusiasts. Microscopes allow us to peer into a microscopic world invisible to the naked eye that is mind-boggling. They are an exceptional gift for anyone in my book, but especially for those interested in mycology.

This one is a nice entry level microscope. Not too expensive, not too cheap, and includes everything that’s needed. 


9. Mushrooms Demystified

One of the most highly revered mushroom field guides, Mushrooms Demystified is a must-read for any fungi or mycology lover. It includes descriptions of more than 2,000 species of mushrooms, over 950 photographs, and is an informative book that goes in-depth on many subjects, including terminology, classification, habitats, mushroom cookery, mushroom toxins, and the meanings behind scientific mushroom names.

It’s a great read for mushroom Hunters, mycologists, and fungi enthusiasts alike.

10. Stickers

Stickers allow for personalization of virtually any item – computers, journals, helmets, skateboards, bumpers, walls, you name it. If you’re looking for a fun, relevant, inexpensive gift, this might be the one.

11. Desk Vacuum

This functional little vacuum cleaner will keep desks, computers, and furniture clean. It’s also adorable and designed to look like a toadstool.

12. Chaga Tea

Chaga tea is a delicious beverage crafted from wild-harvested chaga mushrooms, which are often referred to as the “king of mushrooms”. It’s full of health benefits, particularly its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s a great gift for fungi lovers.

13. Cash

There are two kinds of people: People who like cash as a gift, and people who hate it. Make sure you know which one your giftee is.


I’ve scoured the web and put together a list of decor items related to fungi. They make for a fun gift that is more unique than your standard mycology related gifts. Here are the ones I like the most, and that had the best reviews:

14. Mushroom Night Light

15. Mushroom String Lights

16. Morel Ornament

17. Tabletop Fountain

18. Mushroom Pillow

19. Mushroom Bedding

20. Mushroom Sheets


If your mycology lover also enjoys gardening, this is the section for you. Here is a list of tasteful garden decor and equipment that is fungi themed.

21. Watering Bulb

22. Garden Stakes

23. Garden Statues

24. Hummingbird Feeder

25. Bird House


Because of how common and abundant apparel is, many people think it’s an unthoughtful gift. I disagree.

We all wear clothes, whether it’s around the house or out and about, so what’s wrong with getting someone a t-shirt that is inspired by the things they love? Nothin’. If anything, it shows how much you listen and care about their hobbies. Here’s a list of some of the best fungi related apparel:

26. T-Shirt

27. Hoodie

28. Socks

29. Mushroom Tote

30. Keychain

31. Lapel Pin


Those are all the gift ideas I could think up or find for individuals interested in mycology. I know there are tons more, so if you feel like there’s one I didn’t mention, feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy gift giving!

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